How I learned Healing with Spirit Guides from Gordon Smith

As we go through life, we will lose loved ones. This experience brings us to the question of “Is there life after death?”. Often the loss of of a loved one, a family member, a close friend, a lover or a partner can become the start of a spiritual journey, a path.

Mediumship, contact with loved ones from beyond the veil, has always been an interest of mine. After my grandfather passed away in 1997, my first encounter with a medium, who was able to connect with the spirit of my grandfather, was truly a life changing experience. From that point on, I was called to explore the world of spirit.

I was looking for a way to hear and see into the other world, so that I could be a link between this physical reality and the Spirit world. Shamans all over the world possess this ability, since communing with spirit is their first language.

The practice of mediumship really is a practice of healing. It is a gift from spirit. Our loved ones want us to know they are alive and still very much a part of our lives.

Blue Light appearing during one of our mediumship Spirit communication and healing circle while I’m working with someone.

I wanted to explore more specifically this part of shamanic healing, and after many years of studying, and teachings that I received in dreams from the Spirit world, I decided that it was time for me to put these skills into practice, when I finally found a mentor.

After the devastating loss of a lover in 2007, I happened upon a book, titled The Unbelievable Truth, by Gordon Smith, the world-renowned medium from Scotland. This book answered many of my questions about the afterlife and the world of spirit. After reading this book I began studying mediumship with Gordon.

It took me many years until this dream of mine became reality. In 2020 during the pandemic Gordon started offering mentorship classes online and that made it possible for me to start working with him. I never looked back. We are still meeting every fortnight in a mediumship circle, practicing spirit communication, mediumship and healing.  In the photos you can see, how during one of our circles the Blue Light appears, surrounding me with its healing energy while I work with someone through the screen.

Now after a decade of study and personal practice, I am confident in my abilities to help others establish contact with their spirit guides and loved ones who have passed to the other side.

In our work together I can help guide you in the process of establishing contact with your loved ones and your spirit guides.

If you want to begin this exploration, here is a simple guide for beginning your own journey:

Mediumship done correctly is about healing. It’s not a magical thing, it’s not a mystical thing, it’s not an occult thing. It’s a loving thing. – Gordon Smith


Sitting in the Power

Begin with a basic meditation practice, learn how to ‘sit in the power‘ and prepare yourself for establishing contact with spirit.

Sitting in the power means you are expanding your aura into a lighter state of frequency. As the spirit world is of a higher vibration, we need to learn how to raise our vibration, so that we can open up a sacred space, where the two worlds meet.

A regular sitting in meditation practice is essential for getting to know how your own energy field feels like, so that when spirit is moving in, you can recognize their presence. Only in this quiet space of presence can we move into a higher vibrational frequency, where we can experience our own light body, our aura, our life-force energy field.

If you don’t have a regular meditation practice, you can’t expect your spirit guide to show up in a vision, or even if they did, you would not be able to notice. With enough time, practice and dedication you will develop your sense of feeling spirit and your loved ones.

Opening Up Sacred Space for Spirit

Create a quiet space and container for establishing contact. Sit down as comfortably as your body allows. Close your eyes and just breathe. All meditation begins with breathing. First, you measure your breath. Take deep breaths in through the nose, deep sigh out through the mouth, until your breathing becomes soft and takes on its own natural rhytm. The whole purpose behind this breathing is to relax.

Once you relax your body, your mind relaxes.

The easiest way to relax your mind is to tell yourself: “In this moment, there is absolutely nothing to accomplish.” And just breath.

Any thoughts that cross your mind, just let them pass through. Don’t process them, don’t attach to them. Just let them roll through your mind. Just like clouds in a big, empty sky. Any outside noises, distractions, we can’t change them, just allow it to occur without it being in our space. Just let go.

As we relax our mind, body, we allow our light body to expand.

Start noticing the space around your physical body, your light body, your kalachakra. You might feel your heart pounding, a sign that you are actually noticing the vitality of your life-force energy, your energy body, your light body. You start to feel it pulsing, vibrating.

All it is, is your mind changing frequency from physical to non-physical. You have reached a higher frequency and that’s when you can open up your sacred space for spirit to come in. In this in-between place, you now can open the door to the other side.

And that is the act of mediumship you can learn too.

Invite Your Spirit Guides

In that expanded state of awareness ask your spirit guides to come into that space and ask them whatever you are looking to explore.

Send out a thought, invite your spirit guides to enter your energy field. Notice any changes, any sensation, a feeling that is different than before. That could be a signature, a calling card of your spirit guide(s). Remember that feeling, sensation and next time you will recognize your spirit guide by this energy signature.

Enjoy the peace, serenity of this moment.

Healing with Your Spirit Guides 

In that sacred space, you can start communicating with your spirit guides. Ask a question and listen to the answer. You may not hear a voice, you may receive a thought, an image. Trust that your guides know best, how to communicate with you.

You can also ask for healing. All you need to do then, is to receive. While your spirit guides are working on your energy field, you may feel a sensation, heat or cold, you may see images, you may feel that you are being enveloped in a warm blanket, a spirit embrace. Spirit’s presence always feels very calm and peaceful.

Also, pay attention to your dreams and any synchronicities that show up in your life after a healing experience with your guides.


Thank your Spirit Guides

When you feel that the communication, the healing is coming to a close, thank your spirit guides. Allow them to step out of your energy field and return to your normal, everyday awareness. Start to take slow, deep breaths, slowly return your focus to your physical body. Start to move your body, ground yourself.

When you’re ready, you can open your eyes.


Write down your experience and/or share with a trusted friend

By writing down or sharing your experiences more details will come to mind and you start connecting the dots. You will be amazed at the fullness of the information and the accuracy of the messages. Writing down your experiences, creating a spirit communication journal will help you gain a greater understanding, as sometimes messages don’t make sense right away, only after a certain amount of time.

It is good to be able to go back to your notes and validate your own experiences. You will also learn a new language, that is unique to you and your guides.

In time and with practice you will develop trust in your sense and you will learn how to decipher the unique language of spirit and your guides. 


Dedication, discipline and consistency in practice are equally important in developing your communications with spirit.


A good resource for beginning this exploration is Gordon Smith’s guided meditation for connecting and healing with your spirit guides. I have provided a link to this video below.

Follow the instructions and trust that whatever you are experiencing is exactly what you need at that moment. Our guides always know the best way to communicate with us. 

Trust yourself, trust the process!

Don’t ever be on your own, reach out to your guides! We are not meant to be alone in this journey of life! Just give it a try and see what happens!

Enjoy meeting with your spirit guides!


Are You Ready to Begin YOUR Journey?

“Be yourself at any cost.” - Sinead O'Connor

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