I will help you be more of who you truly are ... by finding lost parts of your soul.

Marti Simon

Trauma Healing Shaman

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I've had six therapists over 14 years of life, and NONE have even come close to being as helpful as Marti has.

— Frances – Author

I felt like my soul was being listened to.

— Annie – Author

Marti is a compassionate, sensitive and intuitive spiritual guide

— Chara – Creator of Sol Path Yoga

Hi, I'm Marti

Spiritual guide, shamanic healer, teacher and channel medium.

As your guide I create sacred space, in which we can safely track and bring back lost parts of your soul, find balance and harmony between different aspects of yourself, so you can integrate and have access to all of the energies that make up your true and authentic self in this lifetime.

Once you have access to the whole of who you truly are, you will then be able to recover your true and authentic voice, which will make it possible to express yourself and live life on your own terms, becoming who you’ve always been and are meant to be.

In the process of self-discovery we embark upon a journey of ancestral healing as you are the sum of all of your ancestors and as such, you will be free, they will be free and so generational trauma will be healed.

As you get to know yourself, you become free to be fearlessly your beautiful unique self!

Stay true to your path … I can’t wait to be a part of your journey!

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“Be yourself at any cost.” - Sinéad O'Connor

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